Mink eyelash extensions are perceived to be false eyelash strips that are made of real mink fur, rich-looking and incredibly luxurious. They cannot be semi-permanent extensions that are bonded to eyelashes. Mink fur is extremely expensive, but since only relatively small amounts are required when it comes to mink lashes, one can be able to buy mink fur lashes for less than $50 on an online platform.

Since they are made of organic hair, mink eyelashes have to be cared for extremely diligently so that so can be able to wear them as many times as possible.It is perceived that with proper care one can be able to reuse each pair around 20 times.
It needs much patience and a steady hand when it comes to applying mink eyelashes.Below I have highlighted some simple guidelines on how to apply for mink eyelash extensions so as you continue looking beautiful.
Tips on how to apply for mink eyelash extensions.


Measure and trim your mink wink lashes.

Before you start to your natural lashes, you have to apply one thin coat of mascara. And eyeliner.Then you can remove lashes gently from the tray by using your mink wink eyelash applicator or tweezers.Remember not to pull or tug on the hair.Take the measurements of lashes up to your eye so that the fit the measurements of your lash line. Trim a good length so that lashes fall short of the natural length of your eyes.You should not trim the excess from the inner corner but the outer corner.

Apply lash glue

Use tweezers your mink wink eyelash applicator to hold the lashes.Gently place the lash in the head of the tool while closed try to squeeze them.Take glue to the lash band apply a think layer.Leave the glue dry for about 20-30 seconds so that it becomes sticky.

Choose a good adhesive

You have to make sure that you want a good adhesive that will not damage the mink hair.In case you need a colored adhesive ensure it matches the skin tone.You can choose a dark or light adhesive depending on the complexion of your skin.Some people decide to use a transparent glue which ends up reflecting and appearing fake.

Apply, adhere and hold

You have to tilt the chin slightly up and apply lashes right above your natural lash line.For the glue to dry you have to hold it for a few seconds before you release the nozzle of your eyelash applicator.You can even decide to press your natural lashes and your mink lashes gently so that to blend the hairs.

Complete your look

Always ensure that your mink lashes are adhered properly to your lash line and not lifting all the way through.But if it happens that you see lifting the best option is to apply more adhesive to the area of the lash band and gently hold it down.After the glue that you applied is dry, you may require reapplying your eyeliner.

Hope by looking the above-highlighted tips you would correctly apply mink lashes.