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Acelashes is one of the biggest false eyelashes factories China, and a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting high-quality real mink strip lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes , magnetic lashes and other eye beauty products for more than 15 years.We have various styles to meet the needs of different eye shapes and occasions.,like natural styles, dramatic styles, wispy styles, fuller styles,fluffy styles,colorful styles and so on, All our lashes are 100% handmade and 100% cruelty free.

Why choose us?

Factory: We are one of the biggest lash factories in China, with a monthly production capacity   100000pairs . We always keep sufficient inventory.

R&D Department: We have a professional R& D department. To capture the international fashion trends, Our R & D team attends beauty shows all over the world , and we meet our customers face to face in Cosmoprof , IBS and Beautyworld every year to listen to their requests. So we have a wide range of styles. By now, Our company has launched nearly 2500 lash styles. Some styles are exclusive for some big brands because we signed NDA with them.Besides we keep more than 250 popular lash styles inventory.

Packaging boxes:We have over 100 kinds of stock boxes, which are economical if you just started your business. We also have professional designer teams and we have helped thousands of clients create their own custom packaging.

Quality: quality is our first priority. We mainly supply top quality lashes to the upscale market. Firstly we use the  best quality and environmental materials, like hairs, softest cotton bands, best quality trays and so on.Secondly, We use the most advanced heating equipment to ensure the curl is  much stable.Besides, we have a professional QC department, each staff was strictly trained.

Delivery : We always keep sufficient inventory to ensure ship out your orders immediately, shipping time just 3-5 working days. Fast and Safe.

Service: We have 14 hours online services every day and respond within 8 hours. please feel free to contact us for any inquiry at any time !