We always like to highlight the best parts of our body. For women, their eyes are one of the most beautiful things that they have. The kohl-rimmed eyes look exquisite in almost all situations. Eye makeup has progressed quite a bit in the recent years. One of the most common things that people use is false eyelashes. They add a different dimension to the eyes and make them look pretty. So, let us know a bit more about the false eyelashes.

false eyelashes

What are the false eyelashes?

False eyelashes look like our actual eyelashes, and they are used to enhance the look of our eyes. They add volume, thickness, length, and curliness to our lashes. They can be made of materials such as mink, horse hair or even synthetic hair. False eyelashes are being used for a long time to enhance the look of one's eyes. These days they help in getting the desired look when someone does a full face of makeup. Some people also go for eyelash extensions which last longer than normal false eyelashes. One can find several brands selling eyelashes of several designs. The mink lashes tend to be the highest priced as they look quite similar to human hair.

Steps to Apply the False Eyelashes:

    • Measure the eyelash in front of your actual eyelash to assess the trimming that you may need to do on the lash.
    • Trip the desired area and also do it from the outer side. Cutting from the inner side may cause damage to the hairs of the eyelash.
    • Apply eyelash glue to the band of the eyelash and coat it generously.
    • Let it get tacky for a few seconds.
    • Now, apply the lash on the centre of your actual eyelash and then attach the outer edge and then go to the inner edge. Make sure it is as close to your actual eyelash as possible.
    • Let it dry naturally for about a minute or two.
    • Then bond your natural lash with the false eyelash with the help of mascara. If you do not want to add for definition, use clear mascara while bonding.

Reasons to use False Eyelashes:

    • They glam up your eyes in seconds.
    • They do not require many tools rather than an applicator and glue.
    • They look amazing in photos.
    • In case you want to cry, lashes will prevent the mascara mishap.
    • You can reuse a pair of lashes if you take good care of them.
    • They will fetch you compliments whenever you wear them.

Adorn a new pair of false eyelashes every time you glam up. Also, remember to use glue that is safe for the eyes have been allergy tested. Do a patch test before applying any glue to your eyes. Do not use a single pair of lash more than 3 times as it can lead to infections. Take off the lashes at the end of the day, or else it could irritate your eyes. So, apply the lashes and flaunt your beautiful eyes.