There are various types of lashes that are used regularly by the top trendy fashion fiestas. Some are happy with their natural one and some want to visit the salon for getting the eyelash extensions. The adhesive is the best mediums that can be used for placing the eyelashes. The eyelashes are actually placed one by one with adhesive and one need to be highly professional or an expert user for avoiding consequences. There are newly developed advanced techniques that are highly recommended by the professional beauticians. A simple eyelash extension can make you look more beautiful and portray the brighter side of your beauty. There are several shape and size of lashes available in the market, but you need to go for selecting the perfect one according to your eye shape. You can consult the experts for making the right decision. If the choice is not right then the lashes would not match with your eyes.

The types of the false eyelashes by

Choosing the right type of lashes for making your eyes look bright

There are great debates that are conducted on types of the eyelashes that are to be used for individual eyes. Some of the users never know what actually suits one's eye and go for applying any type. That would, of course, result in a fashion disaster. You must do a detailed study before selecting a particular type. Some of the shapes of eyes are mentioned below and the matching eyelashes are described below:

1.Deep set eyes: These kinds of eyes need to have long lashes that establish a dramatic eyelash and can be easily adjusted with the brow bone without much difficulty.

2.Round Eyes: If you are having round shaped eyes, then it is suggested by eyelash makeup professionals to go for using winged and wispy strands of eyelashes. This would go nicely along the eyelash line and this creates a perfect shape of a cat eye.

3.Hooded Eyes: If the eyes are hooded shaped, then the eyelashes that taper at the end looks good and at the center of the strip, the long lashes feature well. The shape distinctly draws attention towards it and the depth creates an illusion.

4.Monolids: The lashes that are quite heavy can easily get stick to the monolids and it looks separated from each other. It makes the lashes look completely unnatural. Instead, the expert’s advice that the dense lashes look more fluffy gives the eyes a lush look.

5.Almond Eyes: Those who are having an almond shaped eye are lucky enough to get a variety of lashes on demand. The lashes are crisscrossed on the lash strips and the effect displaced is voluminous. The strategically crisscross strips make the eyelash look distinctly beautiful.

Some of the professional tips on using the false eyelashes

You must do good research on selecting your professional lash experts: It’s a must thing to ask your professional about all the credentials and the method of the application. There is no such hard and fast rule but the expert knows all the intricate details of the whole process. So it is very judicious to get hold of a certified expert as eyelash professional.

You need to choose your eyelash carefully before going for it: Choosing your lashes is almost same as choosing a hairstyle that matches your face. The eyelash technicians will make you understand which eyelash matches your eyes shape and this will make you get an excellent makeover.

You must understand the process minutely: You must know that your lower lashes would be tapped down to the portion of the skin and the eye pads will be placed then after. The hydrating eye pads will be placed at the top. This helps to prevent the glue solution to enter in your eyes and cause any kind of irritation

There are many pros and cons in any beauty treatment that are widely available in our! All the treatment comes with positive effects as well as negative effects. The false eyelash looks very attractive and gives an instant makeover within very short time. It saves a lot of time and is also a cost-effective makeover tool that can be carried anywhere you like to.