Eyelashes play an important role in making your eyes more beautiful and gorgeous in minimum time. When you are in hurry with your makeup and need a quick makeover, eyelashes are best ever options to go for. Within very less time, you will be having to broaden eyes that would reflect your beauty. In minimum time you can get things done perfectly and can get an added beauty that would be appreciated by all. If you are a recent user of false eyelashes then contacting the expert for choosing the right type of lashes is of utmost importance.

When you are a new user of eyelash extension, then you must make sure that professional experts must be contacted for special advice. Although you may know all about the world of fashion, knowing to wear the eye4lash extension is really a tuff job. Eyelash expert will advise using eyelash extensions only if there is no such problem of infection to problem relating to the sensitivity of the skin. Generally, the lashes that are semi-permanent can be used by the user for some days. Generally, extensions can be used perfectly for 2 to 4 weeks. After passing of at least two weeks you can go for yet another appointment with your eyelash expert for selecting the right type of eyelash that would suit our eyes and make you look more gorgeous. By the way if you want get the perfect eyelash extensions you can come to our acelashes online store!


Eyelash extensions are a perfect requirement for enhancing the beauty

We all know about eyelash extension and pretty interested in know it demand and availability in the market. It is commonly in demand among the users to be quite regular with mascara. Lashes are a must include in your daily makeup routine. The thing that you need to avoid is oil cleanser around the eye area during eyelash extension installation. If by any chance it gets into the eyes you must know to brush them out immediately using a good conditioner to avoid severe consequences. The routine removal techniques can be quite expensive if expert advice is taken on the type of treatment one should opt for. The expert provides the user some of the guidelines that add up gorgeousness in those smoky eyes of yours.  

eyelash extensions


Knowing about the process and the time involved

You must know that the first appointment would take at least two hours as an expert would make you understand all the procedures for applying the lashes. You must make sure tar the eyes are closed when the technician is applying on your eyes the lashes. You will be made to use pointed tweezers for making each of the lashes gets dipped in the adhesive and then make it get to stick to your original lash. The expert will make you get a spoolie that would enable you to comb smoothly through the lashes without feeling any resistance. You need to wait for drying the eyelash extension. As a safety measure, within 12 hours of its application never let water or any kind of solution to get around your eyes.      


Knowing about the risks and the consequences

When you are using the extensions you must be potent enough to maintain them perfectly. The eyelash plays an important role in trapping all the dust particles that could have entered the eyes otherwise. If extreme care is not taken then the extension may affect the cornea and eyelids severely. You may have an increase in the rate of infection if the experts contacted. The doctor may advise you to use soothing serums otherwise it may lead to the fall of your original eyelashes.  It would also damage the follicle of the lashes and as a result, it would surely decrease the rate of eyelash production.