Just like the hair extensions, mink lashes are single lashes made of mink (beautiful feathers) that you can semi-permanently attach to your current lashes. If you've ever wished for a Bambi lash look without mascara leftover dangling below your eye, mink lashes are the better solution to your woes. The following tips will help you discover valuable knowledge before you get mink lashes attached to your lashes for the first time.

1. It’s a straightforward process.

Mink lash installation is quite enjoyable as you lie down in a bed, eyes closed for almost an hour while technicians attach the mink lashes; with calming music playing in the background. It's the best social nap-time activity that as an adult you could ask for. And in most cases, most salons will also offer you a free massage while you're on the working table.

2. All mink lash experience is customizable

After you're done, you'll not end up with a feeling that a permanent feathery lash strip was attached to your eyelid. Foremost you get to select the mink length, but the majority of the salons attach mink lashes ranging from Kardashian to natural length (15 to 9mm). The best mink lash is 10-12mm. Next, you get to select a curl. For a more natural look, you need to go for the "J" curl. A "C" curl, on the other hand, is more dramatic. When you want a more creative look, you can take the outer edge "C" curl and a "J" curl for the inner corners of your eyes; to give you more a cat's eye resemblance. Regarding the material, there plenty of options to select: Real Mink, Faux Fox, and Faux Mink. There is a negligible contrast between these looks, but the most recommended mink lash is the Faux Mink.

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3. Mink lashes can be long lasting

With a decent application, your mink lashes can last for two months, but most salons will advise you to go back after three weeks for a re-touch. To prolong their lifespan, take special care not to spill water on them nor use oily products close to your eyes.

4. You can wear makeup with mink lashes

When you can’t do away with a smoky eye, you don't have to worry. Only liquid eye based products can damage your mink lash; you can squeeze a thin, moist inner lining as long as you don't drag it along the mink lash line. To achieve precision, you need to remove the liner or shadow cautiously with Q-tips and an oil-free makeup remover. You also need to entirely avoid mascara as it will leave your mink lashes damaged and crusty. You can only apply mascara if you're almost to the end of your cycle and you'll be getting a new set in a short time.

5. You can only get rid of mink lashes by letting them fall out naturally or having them professionally removed

Removing the mink lashes is as effortless as having them painlessly installed and all salons will also have mink lash removal available. You can even decide to let the mink lashes fall out with the regular eyelash shedding.