Everyone wants to have beautiful eyes and with fake eyelashes readily available in the market, every woman is now tempted towards getting eyelashes fit into their eyes and make their eyes look gorgeous. Eyelashes became popular from the time around 1950s-1960s and the materials that were involved in its making including fibers human hairs and synthetic fibers as far as it is concerned.

With several types of false eyelashes found in the market, it makes very difficult to choose which is the right one for you and certainly it’s a bit difficult for you to narrow down your criteria and choices at the same time. Here in this article, we will tell you about what is the right one for you and which one you should actually invest your time as well as money upon. In this article, we will give you a brief about what are mink eyelashes made of and why you need to use it so that you can take the right decision for yourself.

use mink lashes is a simple way to make up

In the market you will get fake eyelashes made from different materials- one will be synthetic and one will be mink eyelashes. Now, most of the common eyelashes that are available in the market are synthetic eyelashes. These eyelashes are made up of plastics and man-made fibers. The lashes from synthetic material tend to be thicker as compared to eyelashes that are made up of other material in particular human flesh and which are for single use and meant thrown out after its usage.

Now what are mink eyelashes and what is it made of?

Mink eyelashes are made up of mink fur and it has certain advantages as well. The mink eyelashes are more natural, fluffy and lighter at the same time. Due to its light weight and higher quality of lashes, it can be reused after one use also There are certain top qualities of mink eyelashes that distinguish themselves from those common synthetic fibers and those qualities are as follows:

Price does matter with quality

Synthetic eyelashes are made from materials that are cheaper from the mink eyelashes and thus the cost is cheaper for synthetic eyelashes as well and these are available in the market at 10$-20$ per pair. And obviously, cheap prices will attract more people but buy more than three pairs at a time as it is for one use only will land you upon the losing side. So if you invest your money upon mink eyelashes and buy it for 30-35$ per pain it will be a win-win situation for you as you can reuse it again and again. So don’t go by price but by the quality.

Comfort and Quality go hand in hand

Synthetic eyelashes are made up of synthetic materials or plastics so the eyelashes will be much stiffer and over-weight and eventually make them harder to use it. Due to its synthetic fiber, it makes them look thicker as well. On the other hand, mink eyelashes are soft and make them look more natural when used.