Styling the lashes is very much in nowadays. The thicker and longer lashes you have the better you can highlight it. But we are not as fortunate as Kim Kardashian so many people opt for the mink lashes. It takes a lot of effort to look stunning. We all remember the retro divas who used to have long lashes which used to make our heart flutter. Previously the eye makeup was done with a very intense and deep look by making the eyeliner long and using eyeshadows that looked bold. The mascaras were put on the lashes to highlight the eyes with the double coat and most importantly the eyelashes. Not everyone is fortunate so many people opt for the fake eyelashes and hence it has a huge sale in the fashion industry.

Ways to maximize the impact of mink lashes

mink lashes tips

Eyelash curler: Once you buy the eyelash curler it will become your best friend. Before you use this curler you will have to put it in any warmer water so that the metal will heat up to make the curling more visible and make it look dramatic entire day.  While curling makes sure you are doing it very gently and while curling keeps it for 3 seconds for three times. First, you have to curl the lashes close to your eyelid than to the middle part and finally near the tip. Make sure to curl the lashes before you apply any mascara.

Eyelash primer: Not everyone is aware of the use of primer but when you will use mink lashes also use mascara with primer as it is going to make your lashes look thicker and will make their effects last long after putting the mascara. The primer also helps to protect eyes from all the chemicals which are present in mascaras. If you're using the mink lashes then always opt for the primer that is infused with the Vitamin E and microfibers.

Mascara: Mascara will promise you to give you a lot of benefits like adding volume, length, and thickness but not every brand’s mascara will do that. While buying the mascara look for some effective ingredients. You should also pay attention to the brush. If the brush is very much long and big then it will definitely make your lashes look volumized and thicker. If you're using the mink lashes then you should use one coat of the beginning mascara and then another quote of the lengthening mascara.

Follow the steps properly in order to make your mink lashes look more real and visible. Mink lashes are made by using the mink hair so it is free of chemicals, dyes or plastic and it is much comfortable and extremely soft which helps to give your eyes a natural look. Application of mascara also plays a vital role in eye makeup and make sure that the lashes are attached properly to avoid falling off it. You should also curl the lashes when the mascara will dry out but do not overdo it otherwise the lashes will come out.