Batting one’s  Mink Lashes has long been considered as an act of flirtation. Women do it to get the attention of men, and men happily fall for it. That is why women make it a point never to forget about the lashes when applying makeup. Even those with naturally long lashes still put on mascara so their eyes would “pop.” But for majority of women, they use fake’s  3D Mink Lashes to attain this essential symbol of beauty.


There are different types of eyelash extensions but the most common types are the ones that can be applied on your own.

Before putting them on, make sure that you have already applied your mascara. Measure out the false lash against your own lashes and cut any excess length. Next, apply a thin line of eyelash glue on the strip and wait a few seconds, giving the glue a chance to be stickier. Place the lash on the inner corner of your eye, right above your lash line, and then place the other end on the outer corner of your eye. Wait 2 to 3 minutes or until the glue dries and then enhance them by putting on more eyeliner and curling both your fake and real lashes. Lastly, look at yourself in the mirror and see the incredible difference a pair of long Mink Lashes makes.

At the Last, AceLashes Mink Lashes can worn 30 times X Under good care. About the Care Intruction, Please feel free to get it from ours website.