Horse Fur Strip Lashes vs Mink Fur Strip Lashes: What’s The Difference?


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Horse fur strip lashes are made from 100% real horse fur. To make sure that no horse is being treated wrongly, only the naturally shed furs are used. They are usually hypoallergenic and sterilized. They are carefully chosen and then woven into a light base which is the one that sticks with the eyelid. These horse fur strip lashes are handcrafted by expert technicians and are designed to give a look of luxury and glamour when worn. If cared for properly, horse fur strip lashes can be used repeatedly for 25 times before they will need to be replaced with a new pair.

Another commonly used fur for strip lashes come from minks. Again, the furs are not plucked by force but instead, the minks are brushed and then the fur is collected by hand. Mink fur strip lashes used to be a product for the rich and famous but due to higher availability, they have become cheap enough for average-income persons to afford. Mink fur strip lashes can be a bit coarser than those made with horse fur but they are shinier. Horse fur strip lashes are also generally lighter by weight. However, mink fur strip lashes can last up to 4 times longer than horse fur strip lashes.