Mink Eyelashes are the most natural looking fake eyelashes in the market today. Mink Eyelashes can easily pass for real as they blend naturally and effortlessly with one’s natural eyelashes. The Mink Eyelashes are made from Mink fur which is soft and fluffy and hence the natural fuller look.

There are two types of mink eyelashes, the mink strip lash and the mink eyelash extension. The difference is that the strip lash comes with a lash band and is applied to the eyes by placing the lash band on the top eyelid as close to the eyelashes as possible and then blending it with the real eyelashes, while the lash extensions involve fixing the fake eyelash on individual eyelashes.

The lash extensions must be done by a professional while with the strip eyelashes one can apply by themselves. The mink strip eyelash is cheaper than the mink eyelash extension.

Features of mink eyelashes.

They have a similar thickness to human lashes, however they are longer and fuller. This helps the lashes to blend well with the natural lashes.

The tips of the mink eyelashes are tampered just like the natural eyelashes and hence giving it a more believable look.

The curl of the mink eyelash is similar to the, natural curl of human eyelash which is sort of uneven, when the curl is too perfect the eyelash will look fake.

Precautions when using Mink eyelashes.

While using mink lashes there are several precautions that one should take in order to ensure that they last longer and the manufacture did not involve infringement of animal rights. The following are the precautions.

Ensure they are from a credible Source

As stated earlier Mink eyelashes come from the fur of the Mink, a semiaquatic mammal. Most of the mink eyelash available in the market involve animal cruelty to get the fur from the animal. Before buying fake eyelashes ensure that they are from a cruelty free source. The cruelty free fur is that that is harvested by brushing the fur out of the skin without exerting any torture.


Know all the care methods.

It is important to know the care methods beforehand, they include;

  • After application of Mink lash extensions, it is advisable to stay away from water and sweat for 24 hours in order to let it set in properly.
  • One can swim and get in water with this lashes, however avoid rubbing too hard on the lashes as they may fall out.
  • The Mink fake eyelashes loses its curl after a while and will therefore need to be constantly curled using an eye curler.
  • The use of Mascara and oil based makeup shorten the stay of the lashes and should be avoided in order to stay longer.
  • For false eye lashes the method of removal should involve mild makeup removal products as harsh ones may damage it.

Possible Allergy

Ensure that you are not allergic to the mink fur as you may experience a serious allergic reaction that may be very dangerous.

Fall out will happen hence retouch

For mink lash extensions, the lashes fall out as the natural lashes fall out and therefore will need one to retouch every 3 to 4 weeks. Our lashes naturally fall out after a month and there is regrowth, this has nothing to do with the lash extensions.

Know how to tell apart real from fake.

There are a lot of fake eyelashes that claim to be mink eyelashes. The best indicator for the fake is unreasonable low charges, anything under twenty dollars is probably fake. The price of the mink eyelash is very high as compared to other types of fake eyelashes. This is because it is a natural fiber that is rare to find and gives a more realistic natural look compared to the other types.

You can also perform a burn test, real mink fur burns like human hair, it curs fast and burns to ashes while the fake one will smell of plastic and not burn completely.

The use of mink or any other animal fur for cosmetics sparks a lot of controversy especially among the animal rights groups. There is no way to tell for sure that the fur used on the lash was gotten from a cruelty free source, however it is always important to ask.