Fake eyelashes can give you that look that you have been dying to get. Most women want to look gorgeous, however, getting the time to do it yourself may be challenging because of work and other daily activities. Booking an appointment with a great technician at a salon will get you started. The advantage of doing this is that you will get professional services hence the out come will be awesome.

Eyelash extensions are defined as semi-permanent extensions adhered to your natural lashes, eyelash extensions come in different shapes and sizes. If you feel confused about what you want, no worries, your eyelash technician will determine which are the best ones for you. Not everyone's eyelashes can handle the weight of very long and heavy eyelashes, so it is best to listen to your technician's recommendations.

How do eyelash extensions work?

Your eyelashes are each on their own cycle that is why the do not all fall out at the same time. When you have extensions, you get them filled regularly as the extensions will fall out with your natural eyelashes as they continuously shed. Most people get fillings every three weeks, but that solely depends on individual preference. Nonetheless, by the fourth week you will have to get a new filling. Besides the various types of extensions, there are also different styles, you can get a more natural and modest look or a sultry look where your lashes fan out on the ends. Talk to your technician to determine which style you want.

Take good care of your eyelash extensions. Baby shampoo is a good eyelash cleaner according to most technicians. This is because it is gentle and it will not ruin the adhesive. cleaning your eyelashes will reduce the risk of build-up, irritation and infections.

If you wear make-up, always make sure you do not use an oil based make-up remover, doing so will destroy the bond. this will make your eyelash extensions fall out. Avoid touching and messing with them too much whilst you damage them. If you want them removed, do not pull them out yourself, go to a salon and have a technician do it for you.

What are the benefits?

Extensions make you appear more awake and alert and since long eyelashes are associate with you, one application can take years of your face. To top it all off, they are the ultimate convenience, wake up, splash your face and look like a million bucks. Make-up becomes a lesser priority and therefore you do not have to spend money on mascara, eye-shadows and eye-liner. The eyelash extensions frame the lining of the eye so well, it boosts the confidence of the user enhancing the user's self esteem. Fake eyelash extensions lift your natural lashes they add depth to your face making you look like a goddess. They also add volume and fullness that make you look gorgeous and the fact you do not have to use too much make enhances your natural look.

At the end of it all, not everyone needs eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes to look gorgeous. there are many convenient ways to feel good about yourself. If you want to add a little oomph to your look, give extensions a try.