For many women, makeup is an essential tool in their daily beauty hacks. There's a massive variety of makeup kits that could assist look us feel good about ourselves, especially when it comes to false eyelashes. Using false eyelashes is difficult. If you do not complete it on the regulation, it could be a challenging venture that often turns out with you obtaining glue around your lids before placing the lashes altogether.

If this resembles you, fortunately, is that we have identified some tips of make-up - false lashes using tips without adhesive your eyes together. Here are the simple tips.

false lashes using tips by acelashes

Choosing the correct false eyelashes to use

There are two general kinds of false eyelashes - individual lashes and strip lashes. Strip eyelashes are easy to use for daily wear. Since individual eyelashes are difficult to apply, they are well-delegated experts.

For a natural look, our preferred line of strip lashes is by Cardani. Though they are the option line for ladies with loss of hair because of alopecia, cancer, trichotillomania or other problems, they are also incredibly popular with brides and beauty sensible women due to they are extremely realistic appearing. There are numerous factors when knowing to apply and wear false eyelashes.


The volume indicates to the eyelash’s thickness. For a natural appearance, we suggested small to medium volume lashes. Huge volume lashes are suitable for the stage performance or runway, but it will not offer a natural appearance for daily wear. They also point to produce the eyes looks too small.


It denotes the eyelashes’ length. Our eyelashes vary from 8-14 millimetres in length. Any eyelashes lengthier than 14 mm will generally expand to your eyebrows. It will not offer a natural look.

Small: Best for women and men who prefer an understand appearance.

Natural: A tremendous pick for ladies who desire a natural appearance but need some more sharpness to their eyes than modest eyelashes will offer. An admirable all approximately length when you are not sure.

Medium: A perfect choice for ladies who want a natural mascara eyelashes’ length.

Long: A good option for ladies who like long lashes and really need their eyes to be clear. This long length lashes are perfect for all women who need an attractive appearance at special events or women with huge aspects.

Dramatic: The dramatic eyelashes which enlarge longer than 14 millimetres. These are ideal for drama use and could also create the eyes look smaller.

Applying methods

The idea of fitting false eyelashes looks intimidating to several women. But the reality is it’s not as difficult as it seems. It simply takes a small practice to apply it. Branded eyelashes will not only for their look, but they will also long-lasting.

Trim eyelashes

Take your false eyelashes from its tray. Place each lash near your eyelids to measure the appropriate size. In case it is too lengthy for your eyes, cut with scissors as required.

Apply gum

Apply a slight coat of safety hold eyelash glue to the band of the lash and wait a minute for the adhesive to become “tight”.

Press in area

Place eyelash as close to your eyelash line. Softly press into the area. To wrap the eyelash band, you can also apply eyeliner.

False eyelash removing

To remove the eyelash from your eyelashes, pull softly, starting from the inner part of your eye. Once eliminated, eyelash glue remover could be utilized to remove glue residue.

Using quality false eyelashes will assure the simplest purpose and most natural appearance. To get the best outcomes, apply foundation and compact before using your false eyelashes. With a small practice, you will have the ability to use false eyelashes like a professional in no time!