Eyelash extensions are not a permanent solution to improve your personality. Rather a temporary attachment for some occasions as parties, programs or some get-together. The eyelash extensions are solely designed to make your eyelashes look more beautiful and thick. This adds up to the thickness and the natural growth of your lashes. They can even serve as an alternative makeup material and acts a substitute of mascara. Article written by Acelashes.com the best and cheapest mink lashes and eyelash extensions provider!

There is nothing more than set of a gorgeous pair of extension eyelashes. It adds on to the glamour. The extension lashes look very stunning and can be considered as the best beauty product ever. They are very easy to put on when you are sure of the techniques and know to choose the most trusted brand. You must not compromise with the quality of the base material.

Some of the tips that must be remembered to remove the Eyelash extensions are mentioned below:

Tips for Removing Eyelash Extensions

You must first go to your technician responsible for fixing your eyelash: You must know the things that are to be left in the hand of the professional. You must see that the professionals are fully equipped with the required products and know the professional techniques to fix your eyelashes. The safety conditions need to have first priority. The cost to be incurred must be known beforehand. This would make you deal with the professional easily and even know the cost of the whole makeover.

It’s better to use some kind of solution while removing the eyelashes: In this era of professionalism, you may not have time to get to the salon for placing your eyelash extensions. There are various materials available in the online beauty stores where you can buy various products of your choice and requirement. Today just with the tap of the finger everything can reach you at your doorstep. Only one thing you need to keep in mind that you must know the trusted brands that promise quality products. Often of the removal solutions cause severe irritation and even burn the area where it is applied. You must ensure the material you are using but have certification and the product is a genuine one. Not choosing a standard quality can affect your skin and cause skin irritation. You must look out that that they are safe for your skin or not.

Procedures for removing eyelash extensions

Some of the things that an eyelash extension user needs to use are a base gel removing solution or liquid. You must get hold of some under eye pads and some micro-brush applicator that can be deposed off. You must carry a gentle eye makeup solution for removal. You can make the best use of the disposable spoolie brushes or a very clean and used for applying mascara.

1.First, go for removing the under eye-pads from its package. You would notice that they resemble a shape of a perfect “C”. Now go for sticking the sticky eye pads under the bottom eyelash. You do not have to worry about its adhesive part. They are completely skin friendly. They never get stick to your bottom eye lines and it easily comes off even without removing the lashes.

2.Now take the two micropore brush applicators and go for saturating the micro brush along with the removing liquid or gel.

3.Now it’s time to close the eyes tightly and take up the micro brush for brushing down the lashes gently in a motion downward. You must be alert on rubbing the skin and be careful while applying the solution as it must not go inside your eyes. If by chance some has got into your eyes, just splash some water immediately.     

When you prefer homemade solutions than the salon products

The solutions that are available in the salon are often high priced and often not affordable. Some users are scared of using chemical solutions as they affect the skin. This is the time you must go for the solutions that are having therapeutic properties. They spread no such chemical reaction and not at all harmful to the skin. Household solutions are quite healthy and have no chances of causing skin irritation. Olive oil and coconut oils are widely used for removing the Eyelash Extension.