Eyelash extensions are among the latest craze fashion buzz of the modern women. In fact, lash extensions have become so popular and accepted by almost ninety percent of the old-world women who are looking to transform their eyelashes through the process. Why are the old women also accepting this? I don’t know why too.

But obviously, I believe that old women also want to look beautiful and elegance as well. Huh! Whatever it might be the reasons behind it. But the fact remains that women in great overwhelming numbers are turning to lash extensions. Well, in this piece we are going to look at some questions that will give you an idea as to why women like to use lash extensions. We are going to look at all the questions that will give you in-depth insights about this latest craze.

What are Lash Extensions?

what are lash extensions

Lash extensions are what they are just that. What do I mean? Lashes are extensions that are adhered to the natural eyelashes with a very special bond that adds volume and length to your natural eyelashes. The process of applying them is simple just like hair extensions with the help synthetic adhesive thread-like materials, lashes extensions are added to your existing eyelashes to give you charming looks by applying these thicker and fuller lashes extensions.

How Do Lashes Extensions Work?

Lashes extensions need to be applied individually or with the help of cluster to your existing natural lash line with special long-lasting bond glue. Most of the time they are applied to add volume, length or both especially for women with short thin natural eyelashes. The glue that is used in the process is a special solution with the ability to last for a long duration of time when properly handled.

Why Women Like To Use Lash Extensions?

Women like to use lash extensions for various varying reasons. Some women will only use them for a vacation when they don’t want to waste a lot of time applying mascara and reapplying it or risk it streaking off.

Other women use lash extensions daily to give their naturally thinner or shorter lashes some length or volume. Whatever it is the reason lash extensions they are a great way that you can use to get fuller and longer more becoming lashes. You note that lash extensions can be very dramatic or very natural. It will all depend on your individual style.

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How Long Do They Last?

With maintenance and proper care, you will find that these magic extensions can last indefinitely. On average lash extensions can last between two to three weeks, but with the use of the regular fills, they can last for months.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that the main purpose of applying lash extensions is to extend your natural lashes and make them look more prominent and fuller. Lash extensions simply means there is no mascara need which at the end clumps up eyelashes together making them look unsightly. The bottom line is that lash extension is an accepted technique that is used for models and celebrities through someone is able to enjoy the beauty that you craved for.