At one point in time, we all have been unsatisfied with how we look. We ponder over how our hair is not set or blow-dried to the point, how lip liner is just could not stay on line to tell the tale, how our blending wasn’t right and so on and so forth. The list of unsatisfactory elements regarding how we look has often prevailed. It has always deprived us of our natural inner confidence. Somehow, our self-conscience is bothered with such minor anomalies.

The most concern that we normally have among the lot is regarding our eyes. No one has ever been satisfied with how their eye makeup came into form. The left winged eyeliner is touching peaks and the right is slowing down, else the lashes are not up to the mark. Then we move on to cursing our lashes for being so unsatisfactory and how it does not match our moods and appearances. Well, what can we say; we sure have evolved to look perfect with the constant societal pressure. And more than that, it is our inner demon who continues to poke our self-conscience to worry more than ever.

Did you know that if your eye lashes were well set and have a volume to it, you wouldn’t need an eye makeup or a liner? Probably a little dash of mascara, and you are good to go with a natural look. It is quite envious if you ask to see women who achieve this goal of having natural, voluminous long eye lashes. But, not many are as blessed as them. Which is why, makeup experts introduced to us the best opportunity one could ask for, eye lash extensions.

What are eye lash extensions?

They are a thing, synthetic fibers which come in all sorts of shades. These extensions are tailored and come in various shapes and sizes. For, many prefer long while some prefer voluminous. These extensions can be differentiated on a scale from cute to sexy, depending on the shape and size of the extension.

Eye lash extensions not only enhance your beauty, it gives a huge boost to our self-conscience! These eye lash extensions are of two type, one being the temporary eye lash extensions which are short-lived and for one-time use. The other is the permanent eye lash extensions, which is long-lived and stays for weeks.

What are the advantages of wearing eye lash extensions to your natural beauty?

We all are born beautiful in our own ways, while eye lash extensions just give that standard beauty a little uplift and make our eyes look gorgeous. Luck are few who are born with great eye lashes, and for those who do not have them, extensions are their savior.

The eye lash extensions make your eyes pop, not literally but hypothetically in terms of beauty.
It makes our eyes look fuller.
If you are having a lazy day, go a date planned and want a no make up look. Well, just the extensions will do you well.

These lash extensions are safe and can be used for various occasions. All you need to do is be careful about the salon from where you are getting it done. Get a professional, skilled person to do it. And voila, you will be at your best lash day!