Applying false eyelashes, especially for the first time, scares everyone a bit: tweezers, glue and scissors may not be tools with which you come into contact every day and therefore it is legitimate to have a little fear. But applying false eyelashes is not as difficult as it seems: just take some confidence with the product you are using and follow these tips step by step.

First and foremost you need to get these tools, some that might be useful and others indispensable, to apply false eyelashes:

Scissors: maybe it will seem strange to you, but to apply false eyelashes a pair of scissors could be useful. You need them to cut them in case they are too long for the shape of your eye.

Eyelash fold: use the eyelash crease before applying false eyelashes. Bending your natural eyelashes, especially if they are quite straight, will help you enhance the final result once you have succeeded in applying false eyelashes.

Tweezers: the tweezers can be useful if you do not want to apply false eyelashes with your fingers. The important thing is to stay very close to the mirror and position them correctly.

Glue: it is essential to apply false eyelashes. Whether you want to apply false eyelashes to stripes, single or tufts, it is a must to have good glue. Both the black and the white one exist: both, once applied, become transparent.

Greater Details for the False Eyelash Usage

But let's see how to apply false eyelashes step by step.

The 1st Step

Before applying false eyelashes, use your eyelash creases to bend them: do this when they are clean and not yet made up with mascara. Using the eyelash crease after applying the product, in fact, could break your eyelashes, since the mascara makes them harder and less elastic. To make the best use of it, just start from the lash line and apply repeated pressure as you move towards the tips. You will have a better result when applying false eyelashes.

The Next Step

Take the case where your false eyelashes are contained and take them out when you need to apply false eyelashes, if you don't want to touch them directly with your hands, choose to use tweezers to facilitate the operation. In fact, applying fake eyelashes with tweezers is always better: even if it is taken for granted that when you make up or apply false eyelashes you must have clean hands, your fingers can still carry invisible germs that could reach your eyes, especially if they are particularly sensitive.

The Step After That

Then, without having applied the glue, bring the false eyelashes close to the eye, just above your lashes: this step is essential if you want to apply false eyelashes because you will need to understand if the fake eyelashes you purchased are suitable for your eye or you need to cut them slightly. Mark the measurement more or less by eye and cut away the excess. Pay attention because some types of false eyelashes have a part where the eyelashes are shorter, which corresponds to the one to put on the inner corner and one where they appear to be longer: this is the right part from which to eliminate the advancing part. At this point you can apply mascara before applying false eyelashes.

Once the right size has been established, slightly bend the strip of false eyelashes so that they are modeled as much as possible: some of them are rather rigid and need to be softened. Now it's time to put the glue, which is used just to apply false eyelashes. There are two ways to do this: you can lay it directly on the edge of the strip you want to use or you can put some on the back of the hand and always keeping the eyelashes with the tweezers soak them with glue. After that, wait a few seconds for the glue to set a little.

The Last Part

The last step to apply the false eyelashes consists precisely in approaching them to the edge of the eye and making them adhere well: here too you can perform this operation in two different ways and find the one that best suits you best. In a first case you can attack the central part, wait a few seconds and then let the inner and then outer part of the strip adheres (or vice versa, it makes no difference). Or you can decide to attach the outer or inner part first, always wait a few seconds, and then adhere the rest of the strip.

Some more advice on the application of false eyelashes:

If you know you need to apply false eyelashes, always put on the mascara first: so the false eyelashes will not get dirty and will last longer.