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Why Mink Fur Strip Lashes Are The Best Option

Why Mink Fur Strip Lashes Are The Best Option ?

Mink fur strip lashes have distinct advantages over other types of false eyelashes. They have a natural look simply because they ARE natural — created from the finest, naturally black mink hairs. They are hypoallergenic; they do not go through the chemical processing that synthetic lashes require. They do not contain dyes which may be harmful to some people. They are not only beautiful, they are also safe to use.

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Horse Fur Strip Lashes vs Mink Fur Strip Lashes: What’s The Difference?

Horse Fur Strip Lashes vs Mink Fur Strip Lashes: What’s The Difference?

Horse fur strip lashes are made from 100% real horse fur. To make sure that no horse is being treated wrongly, only the naturally shed furs are used. They are usually hypoallergenic and sterilized. They are carefully chosen and then woven into a light base which is the one that sticks with the eyelid. These horse fur strip lashes are handcrafted by expert technicians and are designed to give a look of luxury and glamour when worn

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Why Mink Lashes Are Exceptionally Popular

False eyelashes, lash extensions, and strip lashes have become an easy and convenient way to look beautiful. They make your eyes lovely — calling attention away from the unbecoming circles and bags around the eyes. They lift up the eyes and open them up to make them look bigger, lovelier, and more attractive. However, not all supplementary lashes or extensions are equal. You have to be discerning in choosing the right ones to enhance your looks.

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False eyelashes are a boon to women who do not possess eyelashes to take pride in and yet, do not, in any way, want their beauty to be less than those naturally endowed. Though, initially, eyelash extensions were skeptically regarded, yet with the passage of time they have become a part and parcel of beauty products that women would never forgo. Also, with time, the varieties of false lashes that existed in the market have increased considerably, presently offering numerous options to those concerned about their beauty!

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Just like how red lips make a woman more attractive, long eyelashes have become a universal symbol of beauty. There have been a few studies which have tried to explain what it is about long lashes that makes a woman more appealing. One of them equated long lashes to youth.Read More

3d silk lashes

From a certain point of view, animal fur(mink fur) more natural than synthetic material, i 'm sure “industrial product”(syntheticmaterial) can't beyond real natural hair fur. This is an indisputable fact. but the 3d silk lashes more soft than mink lashes andas looking natural as mink lashes. after you install , you will find the 3d silk lashes more comforatble than mink lashes...Read More
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